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It's that time of year again!~

OTP of all OTPs Pics:

All Aboard the S.S. Cleris by cleris4everHappy Birthday Aeris: Cake Time! by cleris4everOver the Rainbow by cleris4everYou Are My Light by cleris4everYour Anxious Heart by cleris4everOTP Shaming by cleris4everTo the Sky by cleris4everHappy Birthday Cloud: Best Present Ever by cleris4everToga Party by cleris4everAll I Ask of You by cleris4everFlower Boy and SOLDIER Girl by cleris4everFixer Upper by cleris4everThe Cetra's Jealousy by cleris4everHappy Holidays 2014 by cleris4ever

Pic Review

Original Meme by: :iconfatalrain:fatalrain

The Pic I Like the Most

You Are My Light by cleris4ever
There were a few pieces I was considering for this spot, but in the end this one won out for me. I think this is probably the best Cleris piece I've ever drawn, Cloud and Aeris both look decent (something that is rare because Cloud's hair is a bitch to draw, especially when he's facing to the left like he is in this picture), and I really like how Cloud looks sort of like he's pulling Aeris in for a kiss with the way his hand is positioned.

Honorable Mentions:
All Aboard the S.S. Cleris by cleris4everOver the Rainbow by cleris4everI Like it When You Smile by cleris4everOTP Shaming by cleris4everThe Forest Sage by cleris4ever
I feel like all of these were either super adorable, really fun to draw, and accurate in the facial structure.

The Pic I Like the Least

Before Despair by cleris4ever
This was not a hard decision. Once I stumbled on this piece as I was going through my gallery for pieces to put in this spot, I knew immediately that this was going here. I don't think anything else I posted on here this year is nearly as bad as this disaster of a picture. Kuzuryuu's head looks deformed, and he looks like he just had one of the guys from Jackass do that razor stunt on him, and poor Peko doesn't have any eyebrows.

Dishonorable Mention:
How Could I Ever Know by cleris4ever
Raine looks really awful in this picture, but Laguna looks decent, so that saved it a lot.

The Most Faved Piece

Walking with You by cleris4ever
I'm not surprised that this one was the most faved piece of the year, especially given Frozen's popularity. What did surprise me was that twenty-eight people added this to their favorites, I actually thought the number would be way lower. None of my other pictures came close in terms of number of faves, I think the second highest was eighteen, but I'm not too sure.

The Least Faved Piece

Reshaping the World by cleris4everThe One I Love Most by cleris4ever
For the first time in forever, all my pics were faved. For the first time in forever...okay I'll shut up now. I think 2014 is the first year where all of the pictures I drew had at least one fave, unfortunately for these two pieces that one fave was all they got, and looking at these two pictures, I'm not too surprised. The one on the left likely suffered due to lack of recognition, as the game Radiata Stories is unfortunately not very popular, while the one on the right likely suffered due to it being, from what I can tell, a fairly unpopular ship from CLAMP's X/1999. I'm slightly saddened that neither of these two got more than one fave, especially the one of Kamui and Kotori because of how proud I was with how Kamui turned out, but at the same time I can understand why.

The Piece That Took Awhile

Friends Forever by cleris4ever
I can't recall for sure which piece took the longest, but I remember attempting this one a few times before getting this. On my first attempt Saria came out really well, but Link looked like complete and utter shit that I had to start over before I ripped a hole in the paper. It took a few more tries before the faces came out the way they ended up coming out, and even then it took me ages to get the hair right. I actually almost scrapped this one because I screwed up outlining Link's right eyelid, but by that point it was two in the morning, so I was all screw it, I'm just going to submit this one.

The Piece That Took No Time

My Queen by cleris4ever
Just a quick doodle to honor my queen on her birthday. I did not do her justice :cries:.

Most Artistic Piece

Drifting by cleris4ever
I had a few pictures I feel like I could have potentially put here, but in the end I chose this one. I drew this one night while I was listening to the song "Drifting" off of the FFVIII soundtrack, and for some reason I always associated it with Raine's death. I don't know why, but it's probably because I find that song to be the saddest one from the game, and I always found Raine's death to be absolutely tearjerking because of the circumstances surrounding it. As much as I put myself down alot when it comes to my art (and this is no exception, as I complained about my inability to draw flowers in the artist's comments) I really think this piece conveyed what I was trying to convey, which is why I put this particular picture in this spot.

Honorable Mentions:
All Aboard the S.S. Cleris by cleris4everOver the Rainbow by cleris4everDon't Let This Dream End by cleris4everThe Forest Sage by cleris4ever
BACKGROUNDS (in one form or another)! Enough said.

Least Artistic Piece

Dangan Ronpa Shipping Meme Thing by cleris4ever
Easily this shipping meme thing I did earlier in the year. While it was put together very well, I didn't really do much aside from drawing the lines connecting the characters. And the worst thing about this is that it isn't even up to date.

Dishonorable Mention:
My Tales of Xillia Pairing Map by cleris4ever
This shipping map is no more up to date than the one above, but at least I drew the characters on this one.

I'm thinking of maybe posting some of the pics that I didn't post this year, as well as other years on my art blog. If you want to see them check here

Thankies :blowkiss:,
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello I'm cleris4ever

I take art trades and occasionally I'll offer to draw somebody something as a gift.

Don't hesitate to ask for a pic, I really enjoy drawing stuff for people and making others happy. I do have a few rules though.

1.) I will not draw anything bashing a character.
2.) No porn! No nudity!
3.) Nothing too bloody.
4.) I will draw Yaoi and Yuri, but no MPreg!
5.) I won't draw anything offensive in regards to race, sexual orientation, or religion.

I can't thank you all enough for giving me critiques on my art and writing, I wouldn't have become the artist and writer I am today without all your help. So Thankies :blowkiss:

Requests are Closed :(
Art Trades are Open :)
Point Commissions are Open :)

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