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Decided to start my fanfiction that nobody cares about up again.

For those of you who remember, I had a fanfiction up here in 2012 called Another Life, Another Story (which you can still read in my gallery), and back in 2009 called XoXoSimpleMemoriesXoXo (it's no longer up, and thank god because the title was horrendous). I decided to rename it Anxious Hearts, after the song that plays when Cloud and Aeris first meet in Sector 8 after AVALANCHE blows up the Mako Reactor No. 1. Part of the reason I renamed it was because I made a few drastic changes:

  1. I cut out one of the couples the story focused on entirely. This is probably the biggest change I made because it changes the flow of the story. I did this for two reasons: first of all the characters were too OoC for my liking, and I try to avoid OoC whenever I write a fanfic; the second, and biggest reason, is because I always had trouble writing a pivotal chapter involving the pairing, and ended up giving up because of it. I don't want to give up in the middle of the fanfiction anymore, so I felt it was for the best. If you're curious, you can see my official announcement here.
  2. I changed the way the story starts. Rather than the story being a result of Cloud wishing for happiness, I made it more of a "what-if" scenario. What if Aeris hadn't died in the Forgotten City? My story is meant to focus on what happens after the game ends, but some of the what-if scenarios that happened during the original story will be brought up in the story itself.
I'm debating on whether I'll post it here. It will be posted on my writing tumblr, and some illustrations to go along with the story will be posted on my art tumblr. I'll post both here if anyone wants me to.

Thankies :blowkiss:,
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Hello I'm cleris4ever

I take art trades and occasionally I'll offer to draw somebody something as a gift.

Don't hesitate to ask for a pic, I really enjoy drawing stuff for people and making others happy. I do have a few rules though.

1.) I will not draw anything overly graphic.
2.) I will draw same-sex couples, but I will not draw MPreg.
3.) I will not draw anything offensive in regards to gender, race, sexual orientation, and/or religion.
4.) I will not draw any of my NoTPs. I used to do this for people, but I realized that if I strongly dislike something, then I will not put the amount of effort into it that I do with things I have positive feelings towards.
5.) I will not draw anything bashing a character or pairing.

I can't thank you all enough for giving me critiques on my art and writing, I wouldn't have become the artist and writer I am today without all your help. So Thankies :blowkiss:

Requests are Closed :(
Art Trades are Open :)
Point Commissions are Open :)

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Hello! This is a-story-of-a-love (clerith group owner) and I wanted to let you know about clerith month. It's an event that will be celebrated during December 1st until December 31st. Any kind of fanwork is going to be appreciated and accepted. You can make fanfictions, fanart, graphics, videos, poems, or other crafts. Anything you want so long as it is all about Cloud and Aerith. Don't worry about being a few days or weeks late, all entries are accepted until January 7th.

Here are more details regarding the event;…

If you decide to participate please use the following hashtags so I can see your entries

#ClerithMonth #ClerithWeek 

I hope to see you participating in the celebration, whether it's with your own contribution or just faving other people's works. 
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Hii, my friend. How are you.
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I'm good. How are you?
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Been busy on life, nothing much.. And you know that stuff.
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